• Mission Statement

    The C.A.S.A. (Community After School Activities) strives to provide a safe, educational environment that will enrich students’ lives academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.


    The Extended School Program will:

    • Provide a safe learning environment for all students enrolled in the C.A.S.A. program
    • Offer before and after school academic assistance to students in the program
    • Provide opportunities for expanded experiences in the areas of fine arts, music, science, technology, language arts, math, recreational sports, health and wellness, and other targeted areas of interest to students
    • Provide a variety of life and cultural activities
    • Prepare students for college/career opportunities
    • C.A.S.A. students will engage in physical activity to improve physical growth through organized gym exercises.
    • Students will participate in art, music, and technology activities.
    • All students enrolled in C.A.S.A. will be college or career ready on the completion of high school.
    • Students will increase literacy skills in math through hands-on activities.

    C.A.S.A. Programs are scheduled to begin Monday, September 12, 2022. 

Location of C.A.S.A. Programs

  • We currently have four (4) sites that sponsor the C.A.S.A. Afterschool program:

    • Stigall Primary School
    • East Elementary School
    • Humboldt Jr./Sr. High School
    • Humboldt Boys and Girls Club