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Family Resource Center Home

George Yarbro

George Yarbro
Family Resource Director
Humboldt City Schools

Family Resource Center's daily responsibilities include but not limited to the following assignments listed below:

  • Addressing Student Needs
  •  Attending/Leading Parent Meetings and Trainings
  •  Collaboration in Community Activities
  •  Home Visits
  •  Juvenile Court attendance
  •  Completion of Principal Assigned Duties


The Humboldt Family Resources Center has established four Goals and listed numerous programs and activities as strategies to address the needs of students and families in the school district.



1. Humboldt Family Resource Center will help families to enhance parenting skills that can promote the full educational development of children.

2. Humboldt Family Resource Center will help to promote healthy growth and development of children by identifying and addressing home and school barriers that might impede success in school.

3. Humboldt Family Resource Center will ensure families have access to appropriate community resources to meet their needs.

4. Humboldt Family Resource Center will encourage social support and networking among families and school to promote family involvement in school activities.